Vaheguroo Ji ka Khalsa, Vaheguroo Ji ki fateh!

Pyaaree Saadh Sangat Ji. I first felt a connection with Guru Sahib when I was 5 years old looking through a picture book in my school library in Australia. Growing up I continued to witness the amazing power of Guru Sahib. Every step closer I took to Guru Sahib, on my discovery I felt so much Pyaar (love) and such a strong presence guiding me on this beautiful lifelong path. Guru Sahib brought me to England on an university exchange and continued to shower me with blessings and guidance- the amount of Pyaar Guru Sahib gives his children is beyond anything in this world. On 20th December 2014 in Coventry, Guru Sahib blessed me into the Khalsa Family. There is no way to describe this feeling! All I can say is my soul is at peace now. Vaheguroo!
Vaheguroo! With the power of Naam and Guru Sahib’s Pyaar, there is no way we can ever feel alone or empty. When I was really young I just felt fascinated by the people in the [school library] book and mesmerised by Sri Harmandir Sahib. When I looked at the pictures I felt like I had found my place in the world. It was like I had a connection with it from past janams (lives). Where I am from in Australia there are not a lot of Gursikhs. However, with Vaheguroo Ji’s kirpa I applied for exchange programs all over the world and Guru Sahib brought me to England and surrounded me with so many inspirational Gursikhs.
Leading up to me leaving Australia, even two weeks before my plane was supposed to leave, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to come to the UK. I had so many problems and hurdles to get here but Guru ji did not let me fail any. Even in the last hurdle with my visa I had no certainty that I would be even allowed into the country to stay, but I felt that confidence to just to go and everything would work out – and it did. Vaheguroo Ji’s kirpa everything happened perfectly – I know Guru Sahib wanted me to come here and be amongst Gursikhs and the Saadh Sangat. It’s an amazing feeling – everything is done for a reason!
I am still in England. I’m here until the 25th May. My name before was Ruby Palmer. My family are beautiful people. I love them so much but it is hard for them to understand as they don’t believe in religion. There have been a lot of hurdles and the image of a dastaar (turban) is confronting for them because it’s so different to anything they know. However, I just explain to them with Pyaar why I am doing things and with time they’re getting more and more use to it- it’s just about changing what they perceive as normal. The bottom line is that they just want me to be happy, and following Guru Sahib’s path is what makes me feel the most happiest and fulfilled. Vaheguroo.
…20th December was the best day of my life and the start of my life. Vaheguroo! I still get shivers thinking about it.

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