I was talking to a Gursikh about youth today and he mentioned, how they all want to see miracles and get frustrated when they don’t see them. They want a temporary spiritual experience. This reminded me of the Moghuls and how, when they captured the Gurus they always asked them to show some life changing miracle to prove their powers.How would Our Guru respond, if we asked them to show us a miracle?
They would look at us, their Gursikhs, and say, ‘you, the Khalsa (pure minded ones), are my biggest and only miracle’.

The biggest miracles are amongst us. How many of us have come from Mammukh (following our mind) shrabee (consuming intoxicants), druggy lives to now lead a life of Gursikhi, becoming a virtuous human, waking up at Amritvela (2am), reading Bani (Gurus word), doing Seva (selfless service), living in discipline. All this for someone we have never physically met, because that’s what the game involves and we have faith our Guru loves us and will always protect us and remain by our side (our only true support, which will never be diminished).

The miracle has not come from what we have seen with these eyes, but what we have experienced in our soul on a day to day basis. Through, Guru, Naam meditation, Sangat (congregation) we have experienced a sense of living, a true fulfilment, a balanced life style and most of all, we wake up in peace and remain in peace throughout our busy lifestyle. To have contentment, love, happiness and peace in this dark world is a miracle on it’s own.

We are still attached to these gyaan indreeaa (sensory organs), looking for miracles but they will be destroyed with our body and our account will have to be settled by the sou only. Guru sahib never wanted us to look for miracles, instead look at ourselves, as we were the most beautiful miracle our compassionate Guru ever created.

Look for blessings and love from the Guru and Guru Sahib ji will bless you with all the miracles your mind desires!

“Open the eyes of the mind and realise your true worth!”

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Says, “The Gurmukhs purchase the Genuine Article. The True Merchandise is purchased with the True Capital.
Those who purchase this True Merchandise through the Perfect Guru are blessed.
O Nanak, one who stocks this True Merchandise shall recognize and realize the Genuine Article.”