Iminder-Come Take Pity on Me
Today Bhenji Teji Kaur posted a comment on an old blog post – I Want to Take Amrit, But MY PARENTS!. The comment was so inspiring that I’ve decided to post as a separate post so that Sangat can easily read it. Here it goes..

GurFateh all! I was googling something else and I came across this (I Want to Take Amrit, But MY PARENTS!blog post) and it bought a smile to my face many years later. I wrote that post when I was about 14 years old. I have now been Amritdhari for five years, since 2009. I am in Law School [now] and wear a dastaar, and I am happier every second of every day.
Author: Teji Kaur

Guru Ji has not left me through lifes trials, my family has come around, and I fall more and more and more and more and more in love with my Guru every second. This love will never break or die and I thank God for Amrit every day.
I just wanted to let you know that it took me five tries to be blessed with Amrit. I went around the world. It was Guru Sahib’s test. I went to Sri Hazoor Sahib and they refused to give me Amrit because I was a girl. The fourth attempt was spiritually something. I wrote a poem called ‘Tomorrow’, where I spoke about my excitement about being blessed with Amrit. I cleaned my room and washed all my clothes and put new sheets on my bed. I did this out of my innocence at that age. I thought it was my marrige to Guru Sahib. I did not know what happens on a marriage night between a husband and wife at that time but I knew that at my cousin’s wedding they had the most beautiful sheets.
I changed my sheets and washed my clothes and put petals on my bed because I thought it would be my wedding with Guru Sahib. I cleaned my room very nicely and spent all night till Amrit-vela. I then showered to go to Gurudwara Sahib. Upon reaching the Gurudwara I realized that the Amrit Sanchaar had taken place the day before, and I had missed it!
I was broken and angry and I cried so long. I finally calmed down and told myself that all happens as per Guru Ji’s Will and Guru Ji has a reason for everything. I then stood by my bed to do Ardaas. In between the bed and dresser there was a space. The light was off this whole time. I stood to do Ardaas and I told myself that everything God does has good in it that we can not see. I then did matha tek (bowed) at the end of Ardaas and ended up hitting my back on the edge of my bed. It did not hurt but I was already angry with God and I yelled, “God! If everything You do has a good reason then why did you let me get hurt while I was doing Ardaas?”
I was so angry about the Amrit still. I got up, did not matha tek and in anger asked in my heart, “God, how is there good in me getting hurt when I was doing matha tek?” I then turned on the light and what I saw shocked me and built up my faith. There was broken glass on the floor at the spot where I would have done matha tek. Had I not hurt my back, my eye would have gone into the glass and I would have gotten hurt very seriously. My head would have hit the broken glass with force. After seeing how Guru Ji was so amazing and blessed me, like Gurbani says: “tum karo bhalla hum bhallo na jaane— God does good but we do not see it as Good, God is always merciful”, my faith strengthened and I was blessed with Amrit the next year…
Now it has been five amazing years 🙂 I just wanted to let everyone know that the above story has a happy ending or shall I say a happy beginning 🙂