For us at Khalsa Foundation it is the simple quest to empower you with knowledge through experience and environment.


Everyone has a different set way in which they best absorb information. Our focus is not to tell you what to do; it is to help you experience it.

We hold regular events throughout the United Kingdom on Khalsa philosophy to aid anyone who wishes to learn. This is done through Khalsa Darbars and Khalsa Talks, with a team of knowledgeable Sikh speakers.

What short events do not give the opportunity to attendees to do is practice what is discussed; this is where Khalsa Camp fills the gap.

Khalsa Camp is the longest running Sikh philosophy camp in the UK, with branches around the world. Established in 1990, the main aim of the camp, and of all our other events, is to help you ‘Discover the Spirit Within’.

The event gives you the opportunity to put into practice the ideas and philosophy that is shared through the divine words of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. For more details on Khalsa Camp visit and check out the Khalsa Camp in your country.


What do we do?

There are several projects which Khalsa Foundation conducts including:

  • Khalsa Camp – this is our flagship project which offers individuals from a Sikh and non-Sikh background the opportunity to put into practice discussions around spirituality and meditation. The camp is the longest running Sikh retreat in the UK and has developed into branches around the world.
  • Khalsa Family Retreat – something new and different with the aim of learning as a family. They key here is to help parents to learn about Sikhi, whilst their children also experience being in a Sikh environment and learn about Sikhi.
  • The Sikh Parenting Course – aimed at anyone who is a grandparent, parent, about to become one or will be some time in the future, the course on parenting in Sikhi is explored through a half day course. Find out more on the Sikh Parenting Course section.
  • Khalsa Shop – is a project to help raise funds for Sikh projects whilst also bringing Sikhi related items, such as Kakkars, literature, clothing and art to everyone in a much more affordable way. All proceeds go towards helping continue and enhance Gurmat Parchar.
  • Khalsa Darbar – aimed at those wishing to learn about philosophy and history by field experts, these are pre-arranged events which take place in Gurdwara’s across the UK.
  • Khalsa Talks – aimed at those who have more of a western influence in their upbringing, these events look to explore spirituality in modern society and how one can find time to connect with their inner-being.
  • Gurdwara based Sikhi Camps – aimed at those who don’t usually attend the Gurdwara or may have been so for a number of years but due to language barriers, they have had a limited education on Gurmat.

You can book an event, Sikhi Camp, Khalsa Talk, Khalsa Darbar or speaker for one of your events by visiting the bookings section on the website.

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