Unlock the Power of Parchar through our 10 week Parcharik Training Course.

Embark on a transformative journey and learn the art of Parchar with Khalsa Foundation. Our 10 week comprehensive online course, will empower you with the essential skills needed to effectively spread Guru Ji’s message.

Discover the secrets of impactful communication, learn proven strategies to engage audiences, and delve into the rich heritage of Parchar with expert guidance. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a newcomer to the field, this course is designed to elevate your abilities and make a meaningful impact.

Led by Bhai Vijay Singh, this course is for those eager to enhance skills for Parchar Seva in various settings. Join us to become KF Sevadars, aiding Sikh Societies, Gurmat Camps and Gurdwara events. We’ll coordinate Seva based on locations, responding to requests from universities, businesses, charities and more. The curriculum covers Parchar methods, talk delivery, engagement, public speaking, and handling challenges.

Once we receive an application for the Parcharik Training Course, our team will meticulously reviews it. Subsequently, we arrange an online interview with the applicant, led by Bhai Vijay Singh and a trustee of Khalsa Foundation. This interview serves as an opportunity to gauge the applicant’s suitability and commitment to the course.

The Parcharik Training Course is structured in a modular format, ensuring comprehensive coverage of each subject area. Students will undergo testing after each module to confirm their understanding and proficiency.

The inaugural session of the course is conducted in person, facilitating direct interaction and establishing a strong foundation. Following this, subsequent sessions transition to online training, offering flexibility and accessibility to participants from diverse locations.

We are dedicated to providing a rigorous yet supportive learning environment, empowering individuals to excel in Parchar and serve their communities effectively. Join us on this enriching journey of personal and professional development.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become a confident and influential advocate for the Sikh community. Apply now and unleash your potential with us!

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