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Experience Sikhi in a virtual environment

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, Khalsa Foundation is going virtual and launching our learning hub with weekly, fortnightly and monthly sessions to help Sangat connect with Guru Ji. The cost is £10 per learner per month. This will cover costs of licensing software and provide the learner with up to 12 hours of activities per month.

Microsoft Teams is a platform used widely in schools and therefore learners will have familiarity with using it. Using this platform we are able to provide a unique login for every learner which therefore allows for a unique Sikhi learning experience.

We aim to promote the wellbeing of all learners (children and families) by using technology to create communities of safe spaces where questions can be asked and learning can be developed and shared.

Approaches such as the flipped classroom and technologies such as Flipgrid and other features within Microsoft Teams will be used to encourage learners to collaborate and amplify their voice. We
recongise some learners might be shy and need encouragement to find their voice and by offering digital badges to encourage participation we found that over 98% of campers enjoyed our virtual camps in 2020.

We have you covered

The virtual classes are led by experienced teachers and young professionals who have DBS clearance. Khalsa Foundation is at the forefront of digital online education for a Sikhi experience. Learners will find a wide variety of fun and engaging virtual activities.

When you become a student with Khalsa Foundation’s Virtual Khalsa Learning Hub you will have access to a fully searchable library of resources of videos and audio recordings for every lesson, event and activity. All classes for Gurbani Santhiya and Keertan will be delivered at different levels – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

The Khalsa Virtual Learning Hub will allow you to have conversations, attend virtual meetings and participate in class teams using a variety of apps including Microsoft Teams, Karma, Flipgrid, Kahoot, Quizlet, Polly, CS, Piazaa and wakelet.

Learning is more fun with Khalsa Foundation as we use social and emotional learning with Sikhi badges to award participation and progress.

What is included?

There will be weekly, fortnightly and monthly sessions starting January 2021 . Members have access to Virtual Sikhi Camp and Virtual Family Retreat.

How much does the Virtual Khalsa Learning Hub cost?

One-year membership £120 per person – that’s just £10 a month. This covers the access to the platform Microsoft Office and Teams.