Khalsa Foundation is delighted to present Raising Spiritual Kids, our new book aimed at empowering young parents with advice and tips on how they can create an engaging Sikhi learning environment within their home.

The authors have worked extensively in education, whilst simultaneously supporting Sikh children through camps and workshops. These experiences have helped them devise a number of simple to implement strategies, aiding parents in sowing the seeds of Sikhi within their parenting.

We are pleased to announce that a new book has been written for parents which is now available.

We are often very proactive with our children’s school education but don’t you wish you could have that same approach for their Sikhi development? This book will support you in building a robust Sikhi learning programme within your home which can be embedded into your family routine. 35 years of experience in education has helped the authors enrich this gift to Sikh parents as they look to fulfil their service in Raising Spiritual Kids.