Raising Spiritual Kids

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The book contains chapters on:

  • Nurturing children
  • A strong marriage
  • How to build good habits
  • Creating a learning environment
  • Importance of meditation
  • Choosing your company wisely
  • Implementing lasting change


We are often very proactive with our children’s school education but don’t you wish you could have that same approach for their Sikhi development? This book will support you in building a robust Sikhi learning programme within your home which can be embedded into your family routine. 35 years of experience in education has helped the authors enrich this gift to Sikh parents as they look to fulfill their service in Raising Spiritual Kids.

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Raising Spiritual Kids: Sowing the Seeds of Sikhi within your Parenting
First Edition September 2021

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ISBN 9781912232024

6 reviews for Raising Spiritual Kids

  1. Gurpreet

    Great book for parents aswell as anyone who spends lots of time with children!
    Loved the great examples of ways to subtly bring sikhi into family life and also the examples of real life situations that are shared.
    Really nice flow and easy to read!
    Thank you for writing the book!

  2. Harsimrat Kaur

    Being a new first time parent is a beautiful and magical time, but also can be scary and overwhelming with so many unknowns.

    I picked up the “Raising Spiritual Kids” book when my son was almost 1 year old and wished it was published earlier! The level of thought that went into this book cannot have been easy – especially with so much conflicting advice out there for first time mums. But what I loved about this book was how everything was interwined with an example.

    Even small things like “how to create a routine”. If we schedule 5pm as our walk time with our child, but then break that promise, because work ran late or there was traffic etc, the impact it has on a child can be quite significant. It was also really eye opening on how we could change the way we speak to our child, so we can say “as long as work finishes on time, we’ll go for a walk at 5pm” so we set the child up with the right expectations and integrate flexibility.

    The book is filled with great techniques like baby-led parenting or Montessori with Gursikhi at its core. How do we bring up our kids as strong independent Singhs and Kaurs not just normal Men and Women. Creating safe environments at home that allow our children to explore paath, keertan and gurbani was a great suggestion.

    My favourite chapter was on establishing an effective learning culture: Sikh a lifelong learner. In this chaper it is discussed how to set up your child to continuously learn about sikhi in a positive manner and avoid the common pitfalls.

    We’ve all had parents or elders tell us “you are pronouncing this wrong” while doing paath and the sentence stops there. Or they may continue and say “you should learn punjabi or Gurmukhi better”. Both these are quite harsh and have a negative impact on a child. This section of the book looks at how to deliver this feedback in a positive way so that our children always stay connected gurbani and Guru Sahib and don’t feel discouraged.

    With Vijay Singh and Sukhi Kaur’s background as teachers; it really adds something extra to have real examples of how we can lift our children up and give them the best start in life.

    If you are a new or old parent, maybe a first time parent or even just looking for ideas on how to implement gursikhi aspects into your childs life so they become independent Singhs and Kaurs and long-time learners, then this is the book for you.

    A great book with digestible snippets, examples and stories.

  3. G Kaur

    Really enjoyed the book. Found it eye opening and also a reassurance that I’m doing some things right.

    We follow baby led and Montessori at home. So was really nice in book where it talked about these aspects and how to be child led.

  4. Raman

    Great book for parents and parents to be, the book shares great tips on how we can bring Sikhi into our children’s daily life as well as how to teach our children about Sikhism.
    It is an easy read with illustrations inside the book. I recommend this book because you can refer back to the book due to the layout of it, after each chapter it there is a summary page which lists the key points.
    It is evident that a lot of time and research has gone into this book.

  5. Mrs J Kaur

    Parents are the primary and most enduring educator in a child’s life. This book is ideal for parents to support their child’s spiritual development. It contains practical ideas based on strategies used in school. This book is inclusive and highlights the fact that everyone can develop a relationship with the Divine.

  6. Simranjit Singh

    An incredible book which shares insights from Sikh spiritual wisdom and modern science research to help develop a generation of connected family’s through connected parenting and individual connection to the divine. Thank you for sharing this wisdom in a clear and simple way for us all to grow and develop as Sikhs.

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