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What is Gurmukhi Box?

The Gurmukhi Box™ is the first product of its kind to help kids and adults learn how to read and write Punjabi in a fun and engaging way! The entire family is sure to love it.

As a child, our brain is like a dry sponge just ready to soak up everything around us but, everything we see and hear around us is mostly in English. The nursery rhymes, alphabet magnets, books, street signs, toys, news, and even our names are written in English! Now imagine if everything was in Punjabi too! Imagine learning two languages from the very beginning.

Learn through play

It’s a fact that the more you see something, the more you remember it. Be exposed to the Gurmukhi script in all the ways possible and learn as fast as you can in a fun and easy way with lots of images and words on the included Punjabi flashcards.

Punjabi language

Learning a new language should not be as difficult as some people may feel. Everyone has their own way of learning and there is no excuse to not be able to learn how to read Punjabi anymore! The Gurmukhi Box™ comes with a chalkboard and a magnetic whiteboard!


Made by Punjabi Era.

Khalsa Foundation is an official distributor for Gurmukhi Boxes in the UK.


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